Tips on Weight Loss

Beautiful woman smiling with diet and nutrition words on the backgroundTips on weight loss are found in just about every magazine and newspaper, as it seems like the whole world wants to lose weight. Whether you are looking to make sustained and significant weight loss, or whether you are just trying to drop a size for a special occasion, you will find these tips on weight loss extremely useful and beneficial. (more…)

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Banana Boat Family Futbol Festival



Banana Boat, in partnership with Futkal, is giving families more reasons to enjoy the outdoors and engage in a more active lifestyle.  Together, they are launching the Banana Boat Family Futbol Festival at the UP Sunken Garden on April 26 from 6am to 5pm.  (more…)

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Banana Boat Family Fulbol Festival

 Banana Boat together with Futkal invites you and your family to experience a fun-filled summer adventure at the U.P Sunken Garden this coming April 26, 2015, 

Event registration for families is free. To join, simply visit the Facebook fanpage and register at or visit Banana Boat’s website at for more details.

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Daloy Dance School Summer Workshop 2015

Daloy Dance Company aims for the Arts’ continuous growth and evolution of Contemporary dance in the Philippines – striving for the artistic eloquence, and highly aiming to reach the hearts of Filipinos through the medium of dance, and the expression of movement.


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Need Some Space?

Maximize Any Storage You Have

Carrie Bradshaw stored her sweaters in the oven. While we wouldn’t recommend going that far, we do think she was on to something. If you’re not looking to be a whiz in the kitchen, use your cabinets for things you actually need — such as pet supplies, books, or even clothing. (more…)

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Tricks to help you sleep

download (1)Everyone deserves to have the ability to lay their head on a pillow at night and drift off to sleep. But, for so many, this isn’t what happens. Be it the events of the day, the pressures that surround you or some other residing factor, not being able to sleep only complicates matters and adds to the stresses of what you are already experiencing. (more…)

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How To Stop Using Your Credit Cards

stop-using-credit-cardsIf you find yourself using the credit cards each month to cover the last week or two or to hold you over to payday, you may be wondering how you can stop using credit cards. It is important to stop relying on your credit cards because it adds to your debt each month and it prevents you from building wealth. Credit cards cost you enormously in interest payments, and it is important to act quickly to stop the cycle. (more…)

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